Wednesday, September 14, 2016

AWL list and sentence

approach approach approach consistently consumers detection detection detection focus method method negative negative negative negative obtained positive positive positive positive potentially promoting purchase rely respond selecting source technique version 

The obtained results show that the proposed PU-learning method consistently outperformed the original PU-learning approach.

the latter to respond promptly to their clients’ expectations.

The former rely more than ever on online reviews to make their purchase decisions,

Third day Homework

My answer :

Exercise 33.1 Look at A and fill the gaps in this article about collocations.

1. Collocations in English fall into a number of different categories.
2. I should like to draw a distinction between 'ordinary' collocations and ........
3. I shall also to some extent take idioms into consideration too.
4. I plan to raise a number of questions about......
5. I shall attempt to answer these questions by making reference to the work..........
6. My intention is to make a strong case for more intensive focus............
7. I shall also touch on issues such as pronunciation.

Exercise 33.2 Look at B and C and complete these collocations.

1. Assess the significance of a factor
2. Argue something very convincingly
3. Draws an analogy
4. Lend support to an argument
5. Put forward an argument
6. Hold firmly to a belief
7. Draws attention to a new trend
8. Lays emphasis on one factor
9. Disagree profoundly with someone
10. Draws a conclusion

Exercise 33.3 Choose the correct collocation.

1. This paper presents the case for the complete revision of the theory.
2. Recent research suggests that Jackson's theory of economic development is flawed.
3. The author of the book adopts an unusual position on the topic.
4. The writer of the article states his opinion very clearly.
5. The article concludes by briefly summarising the main points that the author wishes to put across.
6. The writer draws some interesting parallels between life now and life in the Middle Ages.
7. I hold firmly to my belief in the importance of basic human rights.
8. The book raises some key questions but fails to deal with them in a satisfactory manner.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Third day of English Academic Writing Class

Hello everyone......

Have you done something useful today? and don't forget your smile :-)

On the third day, I learn how to make a simple book review. I took the MADAGASCAR book ,which the movie is also my favorite, as a source to my work.

So....please enjoy my MADAGASCAR review below this post.


A Book Review : MADAGASCAR

MADAGASCAR..... what are you thinking about that word?

Similar to me, probably, most of you will agree about the name of an island.

Based on that, when first I saw this MADAGASCAR book, it will tell about daily life of the animals.

This book is published by "DreamWorks" which has been success realeased many popular movies and books. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the quality of their products.

At first glance, you will find many cute and funny animal pictures in this book. They are Melman the giraffe, Gloria the hippo, Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Fossa the lemur hunters, and the lemurs who are headed by King Julien. Particularly, I really like the King Julien Character. He is not only can sing and dance, but also very cute.

The first chapter recounts the story of  four close friends (Marty, Gloria, Alex, and Melman) who escaped from New York zoo. See how they could do that.

Next (second chapter), you will see how they can be stranded in wild island, what they found, and what happened with them in the MADAGASCAR. So...unexpected!

Finally, in the last chapter, you will see how the real close friends mean? Dramatic!

Overall, this book is very interesting.

Enjoy it............


Monday, September 12, 2016

Second day of English Academic Writing Class

Hello everyone.....

Have you smiled today?

On the second day, we learn about how to change and combine sentence.

We are looking for ten abstracts from our favorite journals and copy them in notepad.

We also use AWL Highlighter and AWL Gapmaker tools.

Similar to yesterday, we use quizlet for live fun game. Exciting...................


Second day homework

My answer :

Exercise 31.2 Change the words in bold from singular to plural or vice versa, as instructed. Make any other necessary changes to each sentence.

1. There are some interesting PhD theses on water resources in the library.
2. What was your main criterion in designing your survey?
3. She was interested in a strange phenomenon connected with comets.
4. The hypotheses were never proved, as the data were incomplete.

Exercise 31.3 Match the beginning of each sentence with the most appropriate ending.

1. We must never accept the notion that intelligence is connected to race.
2. The task of choosing an analytical framework is an important stage in any research.
3. The book expresses his viewpoint on the role of the United Nations in times of war.
4. Tannen has always made her stance on gender and language use very clear.
5. Consumers have different perceptions of what low price and high quality mean.
6. The report laid out a new model of family healthcare which changed everything.
7. Physicists developed the concept of dark matter to explain certain observations.

Exercise 31.4 Read the text and then answer the question. Use a dictionary if necessary.

1. Autonomy
2. the humanities
3. profound
4. thinking and understanding
5. moral
6. grounding


Sunday, September 11, 2016

First day Homework

My answer :

Exercise 30.2 Match the beginning of each sentence with the most appropriate ending.

1. The article explores the origins of the concept of democracy.
2. One small explosion set off a chain reaction, causing massive damage.
3. The confusion probably stemmed from a lack of communication.
4. The proposed new tax could have major consequences for larger families.
5. The disastrous events of 2003 gave rise to a widespread sense of disillusionment.
6. The judge explained that there were precedents for his decision.

Exercise 30.3 Choose the correct word in italics to complete these sentences.

1. De Routa's work in the 1970s influenced - the development of computer science.
2. The acid seemed to have no effect whatsoever on the plastic.
3. Everyone hoped for a positive outcome to the meeting between the two governments.
4. The reason for the failure of the project was a lack of funding.
5. The impact of global warming on the polar ice caps is now understood more clearly.
6. The journalist wondered what particular ending the government had in mind when it decided to build  a national tennis academy.